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Working from Home Assessment


Please use this checklist to identify any possible hazards in your home working area.  Once completed, please forward this to your line manager who will discuss any issues raised with you and submit any requests for additional equipment that has been identified to support you whilst working from home.

If your work involves working at computer screens or other information technology equipment for prolonged periods, there may be a risk of back, neck, arm or wrist strain, headaches and eyestrain. If you are suffering from any symptoms that you feel are attributable to work, it should be reported to your manager.

The diagram below shows how you should set up your home workstation.

This diagram shows how you should set up your home workstation.

Please double check you have typed the email address in correctly as your form will be sent to the email address entered here for approval.

To avoid discomfort:

  • Adjust the seat, keyboard and screen to suit you. Adjust the screen to avoid glare and reflection from lights and windows
  • Adjust the screen using the brightness and contrast controls to suit the lighting conditions
  • Keep the screen clean
  • Adjust your chair so that your back and legs are supported and your forearms are approximately horizontal

Tips for working at home:

  • Get dressed and have breakfast. It will get your mindset in a good place to start work
  • Set regular working hours and plan lunch breaks
  • It’s ok to organise your day around your childcare/caring needs
  • Take regular breaks from sitting at your screen
  • Do some workstation exercises
  • Plan in your diary some catch up calls with colleagues
  • Get outside for some exercise daily
Your Chair
If using a normal domestic chair at home please choose one that allows you to have a comfortable upright seating position.
Your Desk
The Keyboard
Your Display Screen
You - the User
If you are suffering with pain that is related to using display screen equipment, please advise you manager.
Employee Wellbeing (
Your Environment
Equipment required
If completing the checklist has identified a requirement for any of the following items and you do not already have these available at home, please complete this section to request these. Please note items will be loaned from existing council stock wherever possible.
(To be carried out remotely)